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Real estate professionals are becoming very popular and high in demand these days. The business has come to its peak, and many people buy and sell properties and make money out of it. Individuals who are not aware of what to buy and what to sell approach real estate agents or brokers who assist them in what property to buy and sell. These agent and brokers make a lot of money out of this.

Real Estate Careers

In Detail about Real Estate:

The Real Estate job is an interesting and a skilled one. The agents must first understand the statistics of the real estate market they are working. They must know at what prices the property or the land is worth at the current time. Sometimes there might be issues with the buying and selling. Even when the agents tell the clients the correct prices, the customers might not be satisfied with what the agent or the company is telling them, so the real estate agent has to go through lengthy negotiations and convince the clients to buy or sell the property.

The sales representatives make the highest money which is about $66,790 followed by the real estate agent who makes about $58,410 then the customer service representatives who make about $33,395 and finally the retail sales person who makes about $26,340.

The following are the careers and designations in a real estate business:

  • Accredited Buyer Representative. (ABR)
  • Certified Commercial Investment Member. (CCIM)
  • Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager. (CRB)
  • Performance Management Network. (PMN)
  • Certified International Property Specialist. (CIPS)

 Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR):

This Accredited Buyer Representative designation focuses on working with the clients directly. The designation awarded by the Real Estate BUYER’S Agent Council of the National Association of REALTORS is good. The person who is applying to become an Accredited Buyer Representative must first complete a two-day course and pass in an initial exam, and after that, the candidate must finish up all the extra requirements in three years.

Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM):

The Certified Commercial Investment Member is the designation which is required to become a real estate brokerage, leasing brokers and valuation and information analyst. The Students who apply for the Certified Commercial Investment Member must study the curriculum which contains subjects like ethics, interest based negotiations, market analysis, user decision analysis, financial analysis, investment analysis, etc.

Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager (CRB):

The Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager considered as the designation has success in brokerage and real estate business management. The people who are in this designation always try and improve their knowledge. They are always in the constant process of learning and studying.

Performance Management Network (PMN):

The Performance Management Network was a newly introduced designation. The name focuses on the idea that to enhance your business you must first improve yourself. The designation has the courses like Negotiating tactics, business planning, and systems, personal performance management, Cultural differences in buying properties, networking and referrals, etc.

Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS):

The Certified International Property Specialist is specified especially for the international market. The designation deals with helping to buy property abroad.