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This article quickly summons the value of ‘all the land’ in US and related theories. Every common resident of the United States must be aware of what this article is about to say. Before we get to the cream of the issue, we realize that this is not even relevant to the affairs that are happening in the world. Why is it even important or why should a common man know all this stuff? Be patient and keep reading and you will find answers to all your questions. The more you read the more important it becomes.

Real estate land

What is ‘all land’ value and its significance?

‘All land value’, as we have expressed here for common understanding, is the total real estate value of a nation or of the global as the case may be. Though it is technically hard to give the accurate numbers, we have enough of other statistical data from which the land value can be derived. All you need is accurate supplementary data and with additions and subtractions you can closely arrive at the total land area value. This value is a recent addition to the important assessments that are happening around the globe. All land value is significant, as real estate is a pre-eminent class asset. The fluctuation in its value can correspondingly impact the monetary conditions and the investment activities of a nation.

All land Value – The United States of America.

As of 2015, the all land value in the United States of America was estimated to be $23 trillion. Yes, that’s right, it is $23 and 12 zeroes at the end, that’s a huge value. There’s a big mathematical equation that goes behind this value, which at present is not important. All that matters now is the global impact that this value can create. Every single person has a comment on it and there are a lot of economic theories to both support and oppose this study.

But there are certain things that one has to keep in mind before arriving at a conclusion. As per law, when you are calculating the value of a land with a building on it, then the total value of that particular estate would be the land value plus the value of the building appurtenant to it. But this study doesn’t seem to have taken the value of the things on land. The value is actually the pure value of the land area in the US. Though it is not wrong, most people feel that there is some technical absurdity as far as these values are concerned.

Why should it matter to a common man?

Irrespective of the accuracy, if you are a resident of the United States and if you are paying your taxes regularly then it should matter a lot more to you than it matters to anyone else. We will tell you ‘why’.  If the total land mass of the US states is as high as this, then quickly work out the revenue that the government would be earning out of it. It is pretty big. We are talking about reports that are at least a year old. The value of land rises every day, so after providing for all the value escalation that happened, you will see a value that is even hard to imagine. With so much of money imagine the welfare measures that are possible. All of us have a skeptical mind but our voices aren’t loud enough. So think and place your opinion on the issue wisely.